ahahah okay so I just went to the korean take-away to pick up some more scrolls
this classic bentley pulls up outside as I'm getting near, with a weird looking glorious eightsome inside, car's covered in blossom stickers and shit, chrysanthemum directions
dude from the car comes into the take-away, emperor style going really slow, I gesture for him to go ahead of me in the queue of us two, four to one, glitch
gets £80 of cash put on a phone card, phone custom made cover "all my friends are dead", pink unicorn ware in a sleek milky dead zone of fear reek
he's trembling like a leaf
"Mate, that looks dodgy as fuck"
he asks for four sets of £20 phonecalls on phone credit top ups.
Memetalk activate
"Wow. You must be up to some shit. Next time, spread it out over three different shops, you won't be on camera buying them all at one go"
give all
he looks like he's going to faint, a triangular symbol clearly appears from behind the glassfront lobe of his glistening forehead, crisp neon crackle cutting through microblog temperatures, audience cackle
he leaves (A swig of the leg to the left, whisking it bebop away, lone rancher leaving lofty reason)
I have a giggle with the guy behind the desk about what they could possibly be doing, two guys and a cat, Pain Fear Retribution in the middle: onslaught
the dodgiest thing I've seen in a long time, though there's a lot I don't see or have no fucking clue about and is that a rug dealer in a corolla, man, poor man, poor man stench, capital nightmare fucking delight, they don't do soda here, it's not fucking texas
dismember 3
the poor man, he was shorter than me, so much shorter than a cat, than any anthropologist would deem necessary, clearly a few years older, clearly, sad, balding and shaking like he had DTs, pathetic, just sad
I'm so curious what they were doing though, I wish I had introspective powers like the CIA
I see ever so many x values make the anthropological logarithmic descent
robin hood
but I don't want to get murked
Don't want to get bogged down in the handiwork of actually caring. It's not going to be your life. Your take-away isn't your life, we automate these things
I see you

[100% machine-readable]

Based on a piece by A.S. Arthur