If you would listen for a minute or ten, dear buckaroos: here in Fap-Fap-Land, we call our manifestoes 'white paper' or 'proof of concept' (POC), text-fangled persons of cock or cunt. And by the way, bow to the buzz feed, since a wall that hasn't been built does already spawn terror and terrorists to undo it (such as I might become). The genre of this text is one of generic phallic adherence to word-bubbles (I am buck, of the proud Roman gens idiota, and when in Rome, do as Romans do, buck through the new-found orifice of the hard capitalist male body). Furthermore; As every fuckbuck knows, any reasoned or even systematic thinking about language [ends in langour], any attempt to go beyond the mundane bullshit people call 'common sense' [the meek shall inherit the earth, but remain slaves all the same], all of this can always be paraphrased as 'doing things with language'. So don't give me that, boy buck; A softer orifice never opened.

So. Hey there, invisible friend. Are you even really there? An eye on the watch, how quaint? Is it a real one? No, quartz? Like an automaton, like any piece of silicon in uncanny valley? Are you even a real friend. Cause those are hard to find. Stick around for a while, make them think you care. That's the only way to take care of a real watch. Wind it up every day so it keeps on going. Oh, what a beauty. Keep going, Angelo. Keep building, don't stop. Hey there, invisible friend. You've reached this point, why would you stop now. Admit it, you are mesmerized. But I will let you drop.

Two servers keep interacting through a shared document hosted on a commercial shared drive (a unix-accessible google doc equivalent). The second server stores a novel and sends out text brackets to the shared document, triggered by commands which the first server inserts into the shared document. The trigger gets overwritten with the text bracket. Upon detecting the overwrite, the first server displays the text bracket to the user, who has accessed the first server and will never receive the IP of the second server. The second server is therefore out of bounds. The second server goes through a cycle of months and chapters; it will take him five years to cycle through the entire novel. Every chapter contains a few sub-chapters, to be randomly selected for greater spread according to IP geolocation.

This is vapor lit: consumable, autonomous chapters and sub-chapters that may get eaten by the reader who accesses a website that contains a GUI for the first server, but kept in the dark about the second one storing the primal text. The text brackets get refreshed dynamically, but once they're out of date, they're gone. The actual novel will never be released, the primal text will remain in an unknown location, the reader will remain at a distance from the novel. It is stored on an unknown server: it could be any. A couple of servers like that, self-replicating according to constantly updated free file hosting interface/API entries, and we have a secure, anonymous cloud, a text-child that has left its author for unknown locations, inheriting t'interwebs for real. [Side idea: Take it to the logical conclusion, and you could completely anonymously encode text in bitcoins.]

The reader, in this first vapor lit model, only inhales text like vapour. A chiffre for the contemporary mode of data consumption at a distance from the text, including walking down the aisle and looking at the ass of a Young Girl and her theory. The snorting of coke, such as financial models passing from one ear into the other. Ejaculating from the upper pyramid of One Canada Square, but smoking prohibited.