one.1 ::
the legs ::
acrylic and polyester. woven by giant machines
operated by children / operated by hunger.

one.2 ::
the heels ::
petroleum byproducts and Sulfur Black 1. dyed.
the smell of gunpowder, from beginning to end.

one.3 ::
the soles ::
neoprene. flecked, like a shot grouping. a body blown
apart by riot police. a body smuggled away by secret police.

one.4 ::
the cuffs ::
synthetic-latex. ridges stand tall, glorious. a forest of rubber
trees. 6000 crucifixions. make an example of these slaves.

one.5 ::
the buttons ::
celluloid. unseeing eyes. no man has blinded me.
a clever man has blinded me. please take care of my sheep.

By Luke Kwasny