Wake up. Exit Sleepchamber. Press coffee button. Sign out of home. Press thumb to sign into Autodriver. Tap windshield to sign in with retinal scan. Let Autodriver take you to preprogrammed destination. Arrive at assigned workplace. Sign out of Autodriver.

Sign into workplace with thumbprint, retinal scan, and passcode. Perform assigned duties until LifeTimer permits lunch break and unlocks from desk. Go to lunchroom. Press button for lunch. Nutribox is dispensed. Eat lunch. LifeTimer will detect when you are finished eating. You will have ten seconds to get back to your desk. For every second above that you will be assessed a penalty of one credit per second, deducted from your AllCredit account.When workday is finished, sign out with retinal scan, thumbprint, and passcode. Log in to Autodriver. Let Autodriver take you back to your assigned residence. Sign out of Autodriver when you arrive.

Sign into residence. Select leisure activity. Perform leisure activity until LifeTimer ends leisure activity. You have ten minutes for grooming. For each additional minute, you will be assessed a penalty of one credit. Credits for any additional time will be applied to your AllCredit account.

Sign into Sleepchamber. Select dream experience. We have updated the terms of use of Dreamsperience. Do you agree?Press agree on Sleepchamber screen. Scan retina. Scan thumbprint. Enter passcode. Thank you for using our services, and good night.

Written by Elizabeth Booth, a writer interested in the strange and writing about it. Read her blog: www.classiccomplaints.wordpress.com