This is tremendously offensive. We left a bitter aftertaste
In the mouth of candy cotton Mosul dwellers, beautiful beings
That. Edward Said's hand strokes her hairy back a thousand
Times. It was autumn, began a most generic statement. It
Was decided that no casualties could be left on the ground,
For whoever had enough skin in the game would soon go all in.
Someone called: Why me? he asked. They pass a road that leads
To the leather river. Extremely concerned. Receding further and
Further. Perilously little time for this, not some new
Theoretical approaches. Fear. Concern. Until allayed. Left
For the Leaves to Swallow. Wordfence in rough chains strewn
As autumn indicates dead on the ground. Grandmother, grandmother,
Fear not, I am close on your heels. Fear. Concern. Perilous.
Urge. Prioritise. Funding. Mechanical But Often Useful.
Achieving. Regular. Rules. Killing then saving is a thing.
Rules. Regulations. Normalisation. Pressure. Scare. Shaming
In front of others. Edward Said rows for England. We
Commiserate. We do not give a fuck. We do our thing. We meow.
High energy waste compressor emails. Autumn signals dead
On the ground, this is tremendously offensive. They have
Left a bitter aftertaste in the palates of those would eat
Leaves from the ground direct. Gaslight much. Don't eat
The leaves. Don't rhyme on the ground. Prose much. Leave.
Edward Said rows for England.