Library user suggestions. Books are confusing, and so are their shelf marks. Those containg suggestive digits form a prime number that reflects its correspondence with a heavenly animal. There is a high risk of getting an alien mothership nestled into your hair. America is in search of a new idea of godhood. All that is glass has buried the stone. My god, yes: this is what an empire looks like. While the young engage in local everyday struggles, a great burning is prepared. A much hotter compost pile, a despair alien until you know it. It’s almost as if their flashes of individual insight were designed to achieve kingdom of the hill. The Oxford hikikomori that I have seen never suspected that parts of the pavement could be ripped out and the foundations exposed. [Interlude: Cat Clooney interacts with an amorphous ocean, accidentally coughs up antimatter and destroys said ocean's emotional defences. The ocean goes on to buy a year's energy output's worth of cat toys. Cat Clooney ignores the ocean for a month, then touches one of the toys. The ocean is overwhelmed with joy and thanks Cat Clooney. Posthuman inter-species interaction is saved.] I started sending her morse code messages. Humans are confusing, too, and so are their self marks. One of my best internet friends is of unclear skin colour. They took instagram photos from skyscrapers and fell down. [Interlude: On November 10th last year, the feline god walked down the narrow lane of Turl Street. They were highly displeased and puzzled at the same time.] Let’s not conceal what is necessary here: to be a good worker, to work on your skills, to communicate with others, to build a network, to become an agent of your own life, an actor of your own desires; a golden paving stone on the path to wish-fulfilment. One really thinks, one really believes in. Everybody still needs the proles. The day Securitas teams up with the Ladbroke Grove Bloods to cause havoc throughout west London, I will build a shrine to myself and teleport into outer space. There is still hope for hermits.