I like to buy used books
especially when they are worn out

it shows they were read multiple times
they were loved
and how loved they were!

I looked at the books I bought new and read
they were all... clean
        unbroken spines
        no marks
        no annotations

The books don't show the signs of wear I'd expect in a read book
it is not the love I see in other books they deserve
Something is missing...

07/15/1978 unfinished

It is nearly 40 years since I wrote these unfinished lines. Never managed to properly edit and finish the poem.
The problem remains to some extent some of the books I got as new and mentioned show signs of wear but not as much as the ones I buy used.
The few books that look ragged enough were extensively read by me and my kids.

I guess...
I guess it takes a few generations to love a book.

12/23/2016 finished