How are you doing anyway?

I’m doing fine, can’t you see that yourself?

I guess I can, but I just wanted to make sure.

Make sure of what? I would tell you if something was wrong.

Would you?

Yes, I never lie.

But you don’t always tell the truth either.

I tell a truth.

A truth and the truth are very different.

That's just a matter of perception.

You think people have zero sense of perception?

Most people.

I don’t think you give people enough credit.

Maybe you just give them too much?

Who knows, I can only see what you want me to see.

I promise I’m ok.

It’s ok to not be ok you know.

But I’m fine, everyone is fine until they aren’t, and some people thrive off of showing us how "not fine" they are.

Not many.

That’s why we have norms and generalisations right?

I’m not quite sure that’s how it works.

Are you alright?

No, actually, a few things are bothering me lately, including you.

I hadn’t noticed anything wrong.

That’s the point isn’t it?

What do you mean?

Forget it. You’re as dense as you are conceited.

I’m not dense, why are you always so horrible to me?

Because you don’t accept things that are completely obvious.

Nothing you ever say is obvious, you always obfuscate everything.

You just lack perception.

Well, I don’t really like you very much, do you perceive that?

Of course, can you just accept that I’m right about this?

About what?

You haven’t gotten any of it have you?

I have, I was just messing with you.

Sure, whatever you want to believe.

It doesn’t matter what I believe.

That’s also the point.

What is this point?

See, I told you you didn’t get it.

And I told you I don’t want to continue this.

No you didn’t.

Well I have now.

Christ, you’re difficult.

I am not that bad.

Let us not get into relativity.


Never mind.