So we moved from Älvsbyn to Haparandra. I started drinking six cans of beer every day, glug, glug, glug, you know. I felt like a peto with a cloud of cotton in my stomach, working state didn't really require that much anyway and whatever good I did no one remember by now. So who cares if I’m drunk. I got by. I fed the kids and I’m retired now. My wife has a bad heart you know.

I’m an alcoholic. An alcoholic with three kids and a wife with a bad heart. And when her old heart start to act up, I drink, after a while she throws me out, so I walk around town until I sober up. Huh? Yes I’m drinking a beer right now! Saatana hempana perkele! I’m a finnjävel from Nikkala, with a homestead of 570 acres that I share with my brother. Of course I’m drinking!

Are you looking at facebook? Yes, yes, looking at the hag and what she is doing with her friends, pics of what the cat did and my kids. You are all in the hands of facebook and the intelligence service I tell you. And you’re giving it away. For free! Hahahahaha, I’m a lucky guy, I’m a lucky guy you know. You can’t even find me on google. Try it out. Hey! Google me. Yes exactly, I don’t exist. I own a Varberger 6.5 millimeter and I have three policemen in my tinchel. They tell me what facebook does with all those pictures. I know! Looking at what my wife is doing and what the cat is doing. You think I’m stupid? I have policemen in my tinchel with inside knowledge, you know.

Innala was part of Norrmalmstorg way back. He’s not afraid to use his gun, no, no. He also arrested Juha Valjakkala in his car when Swedes were shitting their beds because a finnjävel crossed the border. This guy arrested him carrying a long dagger and a screw driver. Swedes… pfffft. You guys a bunch of Paskahousu! He just walked up and asked him to stop the car. That’s how a finnish copper does it. Dead straight in the eyes. Stop the car mister. Haha!

What are you looking at! I know you’re looking! What’s wrong with someone having a beer on Saturday! Yes, yes, I’m sorry ma'am, I’ll calm down, yes yes.

I don’t like city folk you know. They judge. Not like people in Nikkala. There you can do whatever you want. Drink beer all day without someone pestering you like an annoying mosquito around your head all the time. Some day I’ll move back and till the family land. It’s in bad shape now, I haven’t been there much since mother died, there is much to do. It would be nice to leave the children something behind, I just wish I had the time but I have to take care of my wife. She has a bad heart you know. When that old heart starts acting up, I drink. She throws me out, and that is why I’m here. Yes? No, I’m not bothering anyone, am I? Am I bothering you? I have to leave? Now? Okay, okay, ma'am, I was heading home to my wife anyway.