Do you write. Do you write stuff. Do you write, you know, that stuff. Do you write in full knowledge of the impact of italics and bold. Do you write in blatant blocks and all will-o'-the-wisp esque when the moments arrive calling for those rival approaches. Do you write like you punch. Do you write faster than sound and light and make no typos or grammatical errors. Do you write for the despot the democrat and/or the demagogue, with more or less equal élan and complete equanimity. Do you write as an alternative to shouting at friends, strangers, and inanimate objects. Do you write with high-end discretion. Do you write as mercury rises and the cat drowns in a canal with a car battery. Do you write like the friend and the enemy, and for both. Do you write in a way that gives an excellent impression of someone who believes in something. Do you write when you kind of sense it’s not right to write. Do you write accepting without reserve the facts you’re handed on a non-exclusive basis in the pack of facts. Do you write the problem and the solution. Do you write and afterwards self-analyse or seek third party analysis. Do you write supporting all the teams, colours and tactical methodologies. Do you write supporting regime change anywhere and for any reason. Do you write while finding equal comfort in the handling and ignoring of statistics. Do you write in a way that’s got you a presence and a following and also a useful elusiveness. Do you write clearly and concisely while contorted in a sports holdall or a car boot. Do you write or sleep at night. Do you write knowing you have the qualities required to stand by the words while absolutely not putting your name at the top. Do you write using pen and notebook with with same dexterity as your handling of an AK and target. Do you have an up to date CV.


By Gary W. Hartley