I live at the back of a Church, a Catholic church, over a hundred years old
(It is not really at the back,
but it is, sort off... there is a street between)

I always found this a funny way to give instructions to my house:
"go down that street and then go straight, I live at the back of the church"

From my window I can see the vitraux of the Church and one tower - there is two (one in each side of the main door)
(my window is one floor above the ground)

It is 04 AM, actually 03:58. My computer froze so I look outside.
This is the first time I see the lights on so late (or so early)
It is Sunday so I guess this is
why, but it is just one section, the other vitraux aren't lighted
I have no way to know if someone is there, I guess I could go there and knock on the main gate
Maybe if I try to listen I can hear something
but it is too far
away I won't
(unless my mind plays with me
                              she, yes, is unforgivable sometimes)
Probably someone just forgot to turn the switch off
Or the preacher is working on the mass that is going to happen in a few hours
Or someone, a layman maybe, is there
in meditation: thinking and praying
The last one is improbable,
but it is the most beautiful   to be
alone in the silence, at the foot of the altar
I think I heard him